1. jayadan:

    DSC_0005 on Flickr.

    Bronzeback Titan that I photographed for my buddy, Fitz.

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  2. jaghatai-khan:

    Painted up another section of the board! 

    It’s all coming together splendidly, and look, even our left for dead guardsman is there.


  3. paulvillaruel:

    Games are coming up and I had to make a dent in some of the Re paints and new models acquired! At least they’ll be basecoated and have the minimum required colora haha #wh40k #warhammer40k #necron #gamesworkshop #hobby #nerd

  4. helpimthebombardier:

    Completed Freeblade Knight ‘Bronn’

    Finally finished and pretty happy with it. Would do a few things differently and because I’m so slow I think there’s a difference between the early blue and the later blue. Also the shoulder pads were meant to have a difference colour facing the front (blue/cream) and I didn’t realise until I glued them on at the end that I had them facing the same way.

    Thanks for watching the progress. Appreciated.


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  5. kpkircus:

    Here it is, my Imperial Knight commission. I have to say, this kit is amazing to work with, and painted up pretty fast, despite the fact that I didn’t use an airbrush on it. Excuse the black base, but the client wanted to do that on their own (its actually not even glued down). The client was on a bit of a tight budget, and wanted the knight to have a strong battleship theme to it(including a bit of wear showing through the top coats of paint). I’m pretty happy with how this came out and if I get another commission for an Imperial Knight I’ll definitely be looking forward to getting my hands on it.

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  6. Painted some wreck markers

  7. vegan-wargamer:


    Collin and I made warhammer 40k models!  I made the little ones, he did the big daddy one.

    He also bought me really nice perfume and a sushi dinner.

    All health problems aside, life is pretty sweet :).

    These are awesome, the paintjob is great!

  8. Three more jacks done

  9. fleshisweak40k:

    Paint me like one of your craftworld girls.

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  10. vegan-wargamer:


    Nurgle Terminator Lord. He’s been sitting on my TODO shelf for a while, but finally painted him last week. Love the cloak, and the rust effects turned out nice (I think anyways…)

    Wow well done with this miniature, looks great!

  11. jaghatai-khan:

    A taste of what’s to come. More will follow in the next few days.

    A tombship, stranded in the void millennia ago, has completed its repairs. The Legions of Necrons bound within it fly forth to awaken their long lost tomb world. Nothing will stop them. No creature of this realm or any other will stand before their might. Their dynasty will be restored, they will rule the galaxy once more.

  12. Im painting the biggest thing ive ever painted!

  13. stockholm-warpaint:

    Imperial Knight Pilot

    Here it is finished! The quick “head-swap conversion” I just couldn’t keep myself from doing… It’s a Knight Pilot, standing next to his Knight (or at least the part that fits on the display base) The Pilot is based on one of GW’s Imperial Advisors, with the head from one of the Celestial Hurricanum’s crew members (and a tiny bit of plasticard for the shield pinned to his chest) You can find some WIP pics of him here!

    The Pilot and his Knight are both painted in House Hyperion colors, a Knight House with very little official background information. (at least from what I’ve been able to find)

    I’ve based the paint job off of a picture found on an ‘eavy metal showcase page in the old Titan Legions: Codex Titanicus, and aside from that picture of a black knight with yellow and red details the only other thing I’ve managed to scrounge up is that they are a Mechanicum aligned house. I decided to add the cog-patterned trim on his coat and on the Knight’s heraldry to represent their ties to the Mechancum. That’s also why he’s wearing a lot of red. ;)

    It was really fun to paint this one, in the middle of working on the pilot I got the idea for this display base… and started to cut in to the leg bits of one of my knight kits (the rest of the knight will most likely be used as part of a terrain piece in the future so it’s not toootally crazy, at least that’s what I keep telling myself) In the end The leg turned out alright too and it all came together nicely.

    Not sure if I should have done more freehand work on the other panels of the leg (or more numbers on the base for that matter) but I didn’t want to go overboard…

    Hope you like him and if you’ve got any questions or comments don’t hesitate to post them!

    You can find more pics of him over on coolminiornot here! oh,and don’t forget to like our facebook page: www.facebook.com/stockholmwarpaint


  14. theenginseer:

    Right you beautiful people of the Imperium, I have decided to do another two competitions, cause why the fuck not.

    The first competition is for the Imperial Guard standard commissar, again it will be painted in your regiment’s colours (or how ever you like).

    The second competition will be for one 10 man squad of standard Imperial Guard troops painted in your Regiment’s colours, so yes there will be 3 winners for this competition.

    This post will be for both competitions but I will draw them separately. I will use a random number generator to pick the winners.

    To enter these competitions just be a follower of my blog (and work), then ‘like’ and ‘reblog’ this post.

    I will check if you’re a follower, so be warned.

    The competition will end next Friday 11th April.

    I will message you if you winner for your address and Regiment colours and preferences to paint style.

    Good luck to you all.

    Emperor protects!

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  15. Almost done with these guys!