1. ded-ard:

    been really slack on posting, so here we go!

    blood runs. anger rises. death wakes. war calls!

  2. vegan-wargamer:


    Working on company captains for my Space Marines, will get back to painting the Dread Saurian soon.

    looking fancy!

  3. allthingswarmachine:

    Warmachine , Trencher-Infantry #warmachine #trencher #infantry #cygnar #paintingservice #urbanartworx #bemalservice #germany by urban_artworx http://gbp24.me/1rzoP2P
    July 19, 2014 at 06:40PM

  5. bashinglads:

    The summer holydays has finally come to the students of Sweden! I started off the hopefully hobby-filled summer by painting some more Orboros. I really need a proper place to take pictures.
Hope you like ‘em :)

  6. the-crimson-king:

    What what! Here I am again with the rest of the current Cryx army, namely a little Crew of Revenants, because how can you be a Pirate Queen without a crew to do all the dirty work? At the top is the Quartermaster (he’s the big guy) and the diver guy, who for some reason always reminds me of Major Tom from the Venture Bros). Then we’ve got the four current crew members, all glowing eyes and huge cutlasses.

    Coming soon, more things!

  7. falchieyan:

    Khador Battle Mechanik Officer attachment.  He has a big wrench.  I put a considerable amount of extra effort into this guy, as it’ll be my first submission to a miniature painting contest.  Hope it does ok x_x

  8. helpimthebombardier:

    Completed Flesh Tearer’s Astorath

  9. neuruppin66:


    Description: Gotta love some 40k #40K #Warhammer #Terrain
    Author: korrgarro on Instagram
    Source: http://gbp24.me/1osSA1c
    Date: July 12, 2014 at 11:26AM

    I’m a sucker for some good terrain

  10. Now all I need is players

  13. jaghatai-khan:

    "For the Khan! And the Emperor!" 

    One of a few pictures I took of the battle I’m playing against my brother’s Orks right now. More pictures in the pipe!

  14. tiny-plastic-dead:

    Corvus Belli’s minis aren’t even slightly customizable, which can lead to a bit of the appalling “same-pose” syndrome in forces that include a large number of minis with base-level gear… exactly the kind of forces that the game’s system encourages. :-/. Luckily, a simple arm-swap is not beyond my skills…

  15. fuckyeahroguetrader:


    The Last Light

    by Roman Lappat, “jarhead”

    One of the most beautiful dioramas I’ve seen in a long time…


    (via hoverhawk)