1. kpkircus:

    Chapter Master finished up. (I really need to stop being cheap and get a light box set up)

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  2. allthingswarhammer:

    Description: Nurgle Rhino, Painted by Adam Huenecke
    Source: http://gbp24.me/1kLCxjE on Painted 40k
    Date: August 17, 2014 at 04:42PM

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  3. magicmissileheadshot:

    Nurgle Herald. The_Mettwurst via reddit

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  4. antonius8925:

    Some WIPs for a friend!

  5. smugasfuck:

    Don’t mind me, just getting painting lessons from two time golden demon winner Caleb Wissenback..

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  6. allthingswarmachine:

    A side project of mine… Love the detail on the sculpts but haven’t quite figured out how to deliver on my desert/airborne look yet. #cygnar #miniatures #warmachine #privateerpress #warmahordes by jarikspiegel http://gbp24.me/1wUd39g
    August 31, 2014 at 02:14AM

  7. thestonecuttersguild:


    Just some WIPs of the new terrain I’m working on - this time, it’s a waterside tavern. I liked the idea that the guy who built it found a spot with an old round watchtower on it, and just built the pub around the tower.

    This is the ground floor, which is going to be the main drinking room of the tavern along with the tower room which is going to be used to store all of the booze barrels.

    So here’s a few shots of the tavern, and then a table I’ve been working on with some ale flagons made of plasticard tube. These were added as an afterthought so I haven’t painted them yet. The Satyxis captain seems to be about to smash the table up though…

    Next up, a few shots of the bar which is going to be put into the tavern near to the tower room. Added a small barrel with a tap on it to this. And finally one of the Renedra barrels I’m going to be filling the tower room with.

    Once the ground floor’s done I’m gonna start working on the next storey, which will have a few rooms for rent as well as the Landlord’s room in the tower.

    Nice design.

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  8. brushforthebrushgod:

    So a minging cold has wiped me out for the last week so getting any painting (or anything else) done has been a struggle. I’m calling these done for now. I’m not happy with them, they need a lot more chipping and weathering but they will have to do. September I’ll be back painting my true love….gretchin! : )

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  9. Hell yes

  10. the-vanus-temple:

    Dark vengeance tabletop commission #warhammer40k #darkvengeance #deathwing #gamesworkshop #darkangels #ravenwing

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  12. allthingswarmachine:

    Hordes#Skorne by tonysamo http://gbp24.me/1swYlye
    August 26, 2014 at 09:01PM

  13. allthingswarmachine:

    #wargame #hordes #warmahordes #legionofeverblight #legion #everblight #privateerpress #angelius #warmachine #wargaming by latesimo http://gbp24.me/1lvJ56t
    August 27, 2014 at 01:34PM

  14. allthingswarmachine:

    Hordes#Skorne by tonysamo http://gbp24.me/1qqCwlk
    August 26, 2014 at 09:02PM